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Madison Doubroff, Founder of Health By Ratio

After needing to “retire” from competitive sports due to an 8 year-long battle with constant injuries & chronic pain, and watching the toll injuries took on his father (a former AVP athlete), Madison became aware of the direction his own health was moving in, and decided to change paths…

He started coaching functional movement & corrective exercise in 2008, and now after helping over 2,000 clients ranging from youth athletes to weekend warriors to retirees, hiring, teaching, & working with dozens of Movement Coaches & Physical Therapists at his health & fitness facilities, as well as from his own personal experiences in healing his body’s injuries, he quickly saw a need for rehabilitation & fitness programs that go further than the typical medical & exercise practices. His passion became mastering the holistic modalities designed to retrain an individual’s fundamental posture and movement patterns, with the purpose of realigning & rebalancing the body for whatever activities that individual enjoys.

For over the last decade, he has dedicated himself to studying the biggest leaders in the fitness & health industry ranging from kinesiology, sports medicine, physical therapy, nutrition, strength & conditioning, and more. He received his undergrad from Loyola Marymount University, is a Functional Movement Coach through Gray Cook’s FMS & Kelly Starrett’s Mobility Wod, a Corrective Exercise Specialist through NASM, a Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition, and has over a dozen additional credentials in specialty areas like TRX, Kettlebells, Strength & Conditioning and more.

With Madison, and our team of Licensed Physical Therapists, Fitness Coaches, Nutrition Coaches, and your customized HBR program, you will learn how to holistically achieve your health & fitness goals, then how to maintain them for life! Schedule a Free Consultation Call to learn more!

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