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Health By Ratio, founded in 2018, has served and guided hundreds of clients to stop recurring injuries, gain functional strength, mobility and fitness to achieve the best health of their lives.

Through our incredibly unique & holistic approach we have seen over 98% success rates! Below are just a few of MANY client testimonials that can be seen on our Facebook and Instagram pages.


Orly Liba

In her 40's, Marathon Runner, Avid Exercise Junky, Mother, Career Woman.

"Hi runners! I wanted to recommend something I’ve done for the past 2 months: Health By Ratio. Prior to it, I was dealing with stubborn IT Band Syndrome, & my running form felt imbalanced. Even after going to a PT for many months, the tightness didn’t go away. Then, HBR showed me how to REALLY mobilize my body in multiple ways, & how to teach my body to move more symmetrically. The program is online, & 1st, the owner/founder (Madison) gives you a FREE video evaluation to test your movements, & ranges of motion, then on the call teaches you what specific areas & techniques to focus on. If you actually want to work with them, they create your program, with direct support from Madison, & his team through a personal group chat, 1-on-1 calls, & more. The entire team is very knowledgeable & supportive! With their guidance, I’ve learned a TON about fitness & how my body should move. I’ve also improved the issues I was targeting: fixing the soreness in my hip & better running mechanics!”


Max Ahartz 

In his 50's, a Mountain Biker, American Ninja Warrior competitor, Runner, w/ Recurring Injuries All Over!

“After working with a variety of Physical Therapists and a different Functional Movement Coach for 9 months (through a very well-known rehabilitation program that’s been around for over 20 years), while I was training for American Ninja Warrior, I realized the ongoing injuries to my hip, shoulder, knee and even elbow tendonitis that what I was doing to rehabilitate just wasn’t cutting it for what I was using my body for. So I turned to Health By Ratio to see if their more holistic program that goes beyond just basic corrective strategies, would help me with my health and athletic goals. After just a few weeks I quickly began working through my injuries, feeling healthier and stronger each month. And in no time started crushing my movement goals like never before. Working toward my goal of pain-free living with HBR, & having no limits in my 50’s has been awesome!”

anatestimonial 1.png

Ana Cadena

In her 50's, a Fitness Coach w/ C5-C7 Fusion, & Spondylolisthesis in Cervical & Lumbar Spine.

“Today, I enjoyed a Reassessment Session with Madison, & my results were not only impressive on paper, but in actual practice. I’m so grateful for the progress I’ve made, and in such a short time! It’s July 2, I began my program on May 4. A couple of months ago, when I was at the kitchen sink to do dishes or wash vegetables, my back would hurt after only a few reaches to the faucet. But now I’ve learned how to recondition my body so well, that just a couple of months later I’m stabilizing my body the way I should, & what a relief! I no longer hurt when I’m walking, standing at my desk, nor sitting. I look and feel different. My body is so much better connected now that I can move faster and stay aligned. The consciousness with my mind-body connection is far deeper & I see my posture lengthening with my natural stance having a stabilized pelvis & spine. The greatest part is that I get more full rest, and wake up feeling better. Some days, without ANY pain at all!


Shawn Finnerty

In his 40’s a Husband, Father, Teacher, ex-MMA Athlete & Hockey Player w/ Chronic Hip & Lower Back Pain.

“Up until a few months ago, I was largely incapable of moving without pain (specifically in the hip, lower back, and neck regions).⁣ I felt like I tried everything under the sun, & was relying on regular Chiropractic treatments to manage my symptoms. After some research though, & great information in the free video assessment Madison offers everyone, I felt the key to my health goals was retraining how my body moved in a healthy & sustainable way.⁣ From just the initial assessment, Madison was able to provide specific guidance to help with my challenges. Then, using the HBR team’s unique holistic approach I was able to find relief & long-term healing throughout my daily life during work, family, and exercise! Most importantly HBR was able to help me stay consistent in a manageable way while dealing with the schedule challenges of being an educator with young children, compounded more by the unprecedented pandemic shut-down!”


Cole Garvey

H.S. Senior Lacrosse Player, preparing for College Lacrosse w/ Recurring Ankle & Back Injuries

“I started working with Madison and the HBR Program to prevent recurring foot injuries, & ankle sprains, as well as regular lower back spasms that occurred around my in-season lacrosse play and off-season workouts. In less than a year I’m going to be moving across the country to play lacrosse in college, and I wanted to make sure that I got myself to the level of health I need to compete at the highest level I can, but I also felt like through the tightnesses around my body I wasn’t moving as efficiently and explosively as I could. Through their holistic & personalized program to my goals, I was able to learn the mobility techniques I needed to regain my body’s ranges of motion, as well as the corrective exercises to stabilize my ankles, hips, and core ultimately making me quicker, faster, and more explosive on the field. I feel like I have a great understanding of how I need to exercise properly for my body, as well as the nutrition needed to help me recover & stay healthy."

Nancy Soni Profile_edited.jpg

Nancy Soni

In her 40's, Mother, Business Woman, and All Around Fitness Enthusiast w/ Chronic Neck Pain.

“I was in a horrible car accident 17 years ago where the whiplash caused ligaments in my neck to detach. I was told years later, that one or two ligaments did not reattach and the other ligaments had to do extra work to hold my head up. I lived with chronic neck and back pain for almost 15 years. Sitting at a desk & working out everyday aggravated it, & so I was getting almost weekly massages & chiropractic work to ease the pain. Through working with Madison & his program, with reconditioning of my posture, range of motion, and movements I’m now able to live a pain-free life, enabling me to be stronger and more fit than ever (dropping 7% body fat!). I’m not sorry to say- I don’t see my therapists anymore. Madison is extremely knowledgeable about mobility, inflammation management, nutrition, strength training, and accountability measures. He’s a joy to work with and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to decrease pain and inflammation, & live a healthier & fit life.”

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