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We take a holistic view at all facets of health to help our clients not only heal from recurring pains & injuries, but guide them fully through rebalancing & reconditioning their entire body through all daily movements, desired fitness activities, and sports performance (for our athletes). We tailor each program specifically to each person’s lifestyle whether competitive youth athlete, a grandparent looking to keep up with the kids, or anyone in-between!

The HBR Program - 100% Online - What It Entails

Injury Rehabilitation, Functional Health & Fitness Through a HOLISTIC Approach

  • Customized 15-20 min a Day Reconditioning Program 🙆

-Functional Mobility & Exercise Techniques linked to our step by step videos.

-Rebalance the body throughout it’s daily activities

-Walking & Running Gait Analysis & Correction

-Diaphragmatic Breathing Exercises to leverage the power of the breath.

  • Personalized Coaching From Health Professionals

-1-on-1 Video Calls & Messaging with our world class Corrective Exercise Specialists, Licensed Physical Therapists and Functional Health Coaches.

  • Anti-Inflammatory & Gut Health Nutrition 🥬

-Sustainable nutrition coaching to give the body the nutrients it needs to repair and flourish.

  • Functional Exercise Programs for Fitness & Athletics 🏋️

-Customized Functional Workout Programs depending on each person’s goals.

  • Mindset Development

-Mental & Emotional Coaching around the patterns with our health and fitness.🧘

  • A Holistic Ongoing Program 🥳

-An easy way to maintain the Full Ranges of Stable Motion, Fitness & Health achieved for life!

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